MANY 6160

2 Newman Court, Fremantle, WA

Market Girl is trading from the above shopping area (formerly known as The Myer Building)

This a unique retail opportunity to showcase and sell your products

Currently MANY 6160 trading from 1st January to 31st March 2015 Thursday to Sunday 10am – 5pm.

The current area is 60 square metres. All retailers’ products will be displayed within that area.

Cost: includes GST

A commission of 7% per sale

An Invoice will be sent to you and very prompt payment is required.

The shop is divided into different size spaces. Some items do not conform to a shelf, in this case both parties will come to an arrangement on the space rent.

All subject to availability – In general the following applies:

1. Business card/flyer displays – a great way to get your name out there $5.50 per week.:

2. approx 30cm small shelf, basket, table space etc $22 per week

3. approx 40cm shelf space, basket, small table etc $33 per week

4. approx 1m wide shelving $44 per week

5. Hanging Rack & Timber Hangers – 1300cm long $55 per week

6. Half hanging rack & timber hangers $33 per week

7. Basket under hanging rack 1120cm wide x 200cm deep $33.00 per week

8. Basket half size $22 per week


Merchandised retail shop space in Many 6160

Listing on Market Girl website with a link to your website
Sales staff that sell goods on your behalf
Display tables
Credit Card/Eftpos facilities
Weekly sales reports and weekly payments
Option to help man the store at any tim
You are free at any time to come in and restock/rearrange your space

Does not include:

Business insurance- We do not provide insurance cover for events outside public or product liability. This includes, but is not exhausted to: shop lifting, fire, storm damage, accidental damage, burglary and anything else. If you would like your stock covered you will need to organise your own insurance.
Documenting and pricing your inventory
You will need to provide:

Business cards/flyers
Any promotional material
Product Insurance – your choice
You will need to bring the above to the shopping area at the above address.

If you are using hanging space please ensure your products are clean and ironed before display – you are welcome at any time to come in and set up/rearrange your space.

I will be in attendance at MANY 6160 most days.

I encourage you to come and take photos of your products and surrounding area and post on your social media.

Please apply at “Apply to be a Retailer” on the website


Mandy – Market Girl